Creating Capital Market Tools
for the Healthcare Economy

Data-Based and Equity Indexes

Poliwogg publishes and licenses disease-specific indexes (the "Poliwogg Indexes"), which are designed to underlie financial instruments such as swaps, forward and futures contracts, options, exchange traded funds, and other structured products. Each individual Index is published monthly, and tracks the average cost per patient in the US of a particular disease or condition for the preceding twelve months. The source data for the Indexes is comprehensive and unique paid claims data.

Index releases covering different medical conditions will occur throughout 2018.

The Poliwogg Type 2 Diabetes Index

The first disease-specific Poliwogg Index tracks Type 2 Diabetes, and represents the cost of treating one patient for one year suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

We Believe

  • Current investment products do not reflect the opportunity nor complexity in the healthcare sector
  • There should be capital market tools in healthcare as there are in other sectors
  • Healthcare should be a financial asset, not just a cost
  • The advent of big data enables exciting new financial products
  • The pace of medical innovation is accelerating

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