Creating Investment Products for
Healthcare and the Life Sciences

We are transforming healthcare investing.*


A marketplace comprised of private healthcare, biotechnology and life science companies that seek direct investments. Private offerings are available to accredited investors only. Public offerings, under Regulation A+, are available to any and all investors.

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Track various sub-economies of healthcare, including interesting market niches or subsectors, for example, the Poliwogg Medical Breakthroughs Index. PMBI has been licensed to ALPS and trades under the NYSE ticker SBIO.

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We Believe

  • Current investment products in healthcare reflect neither the opportunity nor the complexity of healthcare
  • The capital markets should support healthcare with financial products as completely as other sectors
  • Healthcare should be a financial asset, not just a cost
  • Investors should have the opportunity to participate in all phases of corporate development, not just public companies
  • Healthcare companies should not be beholden to an oligopoly for funding
  • Technology enables discovery, transparency and exciting new products
  • The pace of scientific innovation is accelerating
  • A major demographic shift is occurring as the millennial generation of 95 million is entering the investing marketplace

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