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The Case for a Healthcare Futures Market

As politicians and the public wrestle with re-designing the nation’s healthcare system, all parties are faced with the twin realities of an aging population and rising health costs.

The cost of healthcare in the United States, which has risen inexorably for the last 50 years, is now larger than the Gross Domestic Product of every country in the world except China and Japan. According to the Congressional Budget Office, in less than a decade from now, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest on the debt will represent $5.7 trillion out of a $6.3 trillion budget...

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Creating a Healthcare Futures Market

The answer to the question, "Who is getting funded in 2017?" may well be a disease state rather than a category of company.

A new market structure-a healthcare futures market-is being developed as an alternative to, and enhancement of, existing funding mechanisms. It is being created by Dennis Purcell, founder and senior advisor of Aisling Capital LLC, and co-founder of Poliwogg, a financial services firm dedicated to creating the capital market tools for the healthcare sector similar to those that have long been available for the agriculture, finance, industrial and energy sectors. These tools, including a futures market, will enable the hedging, speculating and risk-transference activities that are essential to both efficient market functioning and encouragement of new investment...

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Can Financial Markets Solve the Ever-Increasing Costs of Healthcare?

Back in the 1840s, when the U.S. was primarily an agrarian society, the concept of a futures market for commodities was introduced. At the end of harvest season, when farmers brought their agricultural or meat products to Kansas City and Chicago, the supply of goods coming to the market at the same time put a downward pressure on prices and made it challenging for producers to obtain reasonable prices and achieve a satisfactory lifestyle. There needed to be a mechanism whereby the producers could attain some certainty over future prices for their products. The producers wanted some stability, while plenty of investors and speculators sought opportunity. A two-sided futures market was created...

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SBIO: An ETF to Play Biotech's Bounce Back From Disaster

After a rough start to the year, the biotech sector is surging again and beating the broader market. Here are three diversified, safe ways to play the trend.

With net assets of $140.54 million, this is the smallest and riskiest of our three biotech ETFs. The ALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETF seeks results that correspond to the performance of its underlying index, the Poliwogg Medical Breakthroughs Index, which is made up of small- and mid-cap stocks of biotech and pharmaceutical companies that have one or more drugs in either Phase II or Phase III FDA clinical trials...

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SBIO is the ETF Pick of the Month: Consider this Lagging, Growth industry rebound

ETFdb.com is recommending a new long position for the month ahead. This trade is intended for investors who are looking to jump back into the markets after seeing the post-Brexit rotation. As always, investors of all experience levels are advised to use stop-loss orders and practice disciplined profit-taking techniques...

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SBIO Named 2015’s Best New U.S. Equity ETF

2015 has been an amazing year for exchange-traded funds. From the rise of currency-hedged ETFs to the growth of smart beta, 2015 has been defined by massive inflows, exciting new launches, fee wars and the entry of major firms like Goldman Sachs and John Hancock....

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