Jeff Feldman

Jeffery Feldman


Mr. Feldman has been a Wall Street entrepreneur for the past 43 years, focused on financial innovation and capital formation. He has spent the past 10 years on study and investment in the innovations taking place in healthcare, particularly in biotechnology, molecular diagnostics and genomics.

In 2005 he founded and served as CEO of XShares Advisors, a creator and issuer of exchange traded funds (“ETFs”). XShares created and sponsored HealthShares Exchange Traded Funds, which consisted of 19 ETFs that divided the healthcare industry into its logical sub-sectors (cancer, metabolic disease, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular, etc.). In conjunction with TD Ameritrade, XShares also created the TDX Independence Funds, which are a series of lifecycle ETFs.

XShares total assets under management reached $270 million before the crash in 2008. XShares was sold to Deutsche Bank in June of 2010.

From June of 1989 until January of 2000, he was the managing member of Superior Street Capital Advisors, which he merged into Broadmark Capital Corporation LLC, where he was a principal until 2003. Both companies were NASD members and served as agents for private placements for private technology companies in the technology sector and for PIPES for developing public companies.

From January of 1974 to June of 1989 he was the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Cralin and Company, an NASD firm specializing in private placements to high net worth individuals. Mr. Feldman built the firm from 2 to 250 employees, including 120 salespeople in 12 offices nationally. Cralin’s products included real estate syndications, energy partnerships (oil, gas and coal), and private placements in early stage companies. It had a New York Stock Exchange seat and acted as a government bond dealer.

From 1968 to 1973 he was a Research Analyst at Goldman, Sachs and Co.

Since 1973, Mr. Feldman has taught as an Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Lecturer and Adjunct Professor in Economics at several schools in New Jersey as well as NYU and St. John’s University. His field of specialization is macroeconomics; he has also taught microeconomics, investment theory, money and banking, statistics, business management and entrepreneurship.

He co-authored “Three Paths to Profitable Investing,” (FT Press, 2010), which outlined strategies for investing in healthcare, green technology and infrastructure using ETFs.

Mr. Feldman, a resident of Aventura, Florida holds an MBA from St. John’s University and a BA from Queens College.

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