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SBIO is Top ETF in November

Finally, the U.S. stock market has entered into its strong stretch. Historically, the three months from November through January are the most successful in the stock markets. A consensus carried out from 1950 to 2013 has revealed that November has ended up offering positive returns in 43 years and negative returns in 22 years, with an average return of 1.37%, as per moneychimp.com...

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3 Reasons To Like This Small-Cap Biotech ETF

Sector-focused ETFs can be high-risk, high-reward plays. ALPS Medical Breakthroughs (SBIO) tanked 13% during the big August sell-off and has since re-bounded 6%. Broadly diversified peers saw smaller losses last month and are recovering nicely too. The risk-for-reward proposition is especially acute with biotechnology exchange traded funds and even more so for small-caps. SBIO, a smaller-cap biotech ETF, is the...

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